Lovin' LEO Season

Updated: Jul 29

It's LEO season, baby!

I painted "LEO" for all the LEOs and LEO lovers out there.

I LOVE LEOs. I have been friends with LEOs. I have dated LEOs. A few of my most significant relationships have been with LEOs. I find their sense of confidence and bravado HOT and irresistible. They are often bold people, full of integrity and spirit.

Typically if I meet someone and there's a strong initial attraction, I'm like, "What's your sign?" (Yes, I am this person). And they respond, "LEO," and I'm like,"OH RIGHT."

LEO energy feels familiar to me, perhaps it stirs my senses since I'm so full of earth and air energy.

I actually painted this piece a day or two before LEO season started and I remember being in my studio. doors open wide, music blaring, feeling electricity and passion while seeing reds and yellows. I was envisioning lion, the animal symbol of the astro sign. I was thinking about strength, courage and leadership. Resiliency. Desire. Spirit. I was thinking about my two queer friends (one who is my former partner) who are having 60th birthdays this LEO season. The significance of this milestone is not lost on me and I plan to party it up with them in true LEO style & indulgence.

LEO season is about shining in who we are. Expressing our selves. Honoring our desires and what's in our heart. It's about sunny days, play and joy.

Painting brings me a lot of joy*. People say that I put my feelings and heart into my paintings. It's true. I'm glad to be seen that way.


*You know what else brings me joy? Seeing LEO in my Society 6 shop, where you can find various size prints, fanny packs, coasters and more. CHECK IT OUT HERE to see LEO and 19 other LIZ GOLD ORIGINAL designs to choose from.

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