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My name is Liz Gold and I'm an artist and writer living in Portland, Oregon. 


Originally from Portland, Maine, I lived in Austin, Texas for six months in my 20s, moved to Brooklyn, New York when I turned 30 and after several years of bicoastal living, landed in the Pacific Northwest. Today, I live in southern Maine.


I've been a published writer for more than 20 years - as a reporter, poet and now author. For the past decade, I've owned Rhino Girl Media, LLC, a communications consulting company, where I help people get their creative projects off the ground and share their message with the world. I have also hosted a variety of radio shows and podcasts. My latest, "Conversations with Liz Gold: Stories of Strength, Courage & Getting Through" talks with people in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic about a wide range of issues from mental health to spirituality to being a solopreneur to growing up with a facial difference to producing queer media.


Painting is a new discovery for me, one that I explain in my book, "45 or Die: A True Tale of Digging Out of Depression." This site is an expression of my new work, a new platform to hold what is to come. 


Thank you for being here!


Contact me for commissions, painting inquiries, and general questions about working together.